Some unfavorable information about Santana Moss came out Friday afternoon when the Detroit News reported that the Washington Redskins receiver owes the Internal Revenue Service $258,017 in unpaid income taxes from 2006.

The IRS filed a tax lean Nov.22 against Moss’s $5.2 million Florida home, according to court documents.

Moss is earning a base salary of $2.25 million this season, plus a roster bonus of $250,000. In 2006, his second season with the Redskins, Moss earned $1.9 million.

Earlier this year, Moss was sued by Florida businessman Craig Bernstein for $24,151.78 in back rent from a dry cleaning business owned by Moss and operated by his family. Counting accelerated rent and court and attorney’s fees, Bernstein sued Moss for $308,870.64.