Washington Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan declined to say whether the switch to John Beck is permanent or was just for the final quarter of the 20-13 loss to the Eagles. Instead the coach said that the decision wouldn’t be made until Wednesday.

“I would never announce that right after a game,” Shanahan said. “I would announce that later on in the week. We’ll make a decision after looking at the film.”

John Beck rolls out during fourth-quarter action. (Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

He has nine interceptions and two fumbles in five games this season. Beck replaced him and in two fourth-quarter possessions went 8-for-15 for 117 yards and scored a touchdown on a two-yard run.

Grossman said that he can’t allow himself to worry about his job security, and that he remains confident in his abilities.

“You’ve just got to flush it. There are so many times in this league that you face adversity for one reason or another and you have to go back to your core belief,” Grossman said. “I believe in myself, no matter if the whole stadium doesn’t, if the coaching staff doesn’t. Whatever the situation is, I believe in myself that every single play, I’m going to get it done. So I fall back on that.”

Beck said he didn’t know if he had shown enough to convince Shanahan to give him the starting job, and drew little satisfaction from his outing because his team still lost.

“It was good to play, to be honest, but I have this sick feeling after a loss, because when I went in, my initial mindset was, ‘A couple scores. If we can put together couple scores, we could be in this game,’” Beck said. “I just have that sick feeling. I feel like I played the whole game and in the end, we didn’t win.”