Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Wednesday that the team has identified “three or four” players it could select with the 10th overall pick in the NFL draft, but let on several times that the team would like to move down in the draft and acquire more picks.

Washington currently holds the 10th pick of the first round and will pick again at 41st overall (nine picks into the second round). But the Redskins have no third- or fourth-round selections and won’t be back on the clock until the fifth round.

The Redskins are believed to be in the market for a quarterback, but also have needs at outside linebacker, defensive end, nose tackle and wide receiver. Because of those abundant needs and limited picks, Shanahan said at his pre-draft news conference that it might be in Washington’s best interest to trade down from No. 10.

“If somebody comes up and all of a sudden at that 10th pick they have something they want and we can move back and pick up additional picks, yeah that could be a real reality,” Shanahan said. “Especially if we’re able to get real value.

“For some, it could be a wide receiver, outside linebacker. A team feels very good about their football team, they’ve got multiple draft picks and they move up and take him. And if that happens, they say ‘We need that one guy and that will be the difference in our football team,’ then they can make that decision very quickly, and a lot of times, it ends up being best for both teams.”