A week ago, you’ll recall, Donovan McNabb went on ESPN and said he thought Robert Griffin III would be a bad fit in Washington, and would clash with Mike and Kyle Shanahan because of their egos.

Our blog post on it can be read here.

The Redskins said back then that neither Shanahan would comment on McNabb’s remarks. This week, Mike Shanahan did, in a conversation with Sally Jenkins. His remarks appeared deep down in this morning’s column by Jenkins in which she said RGIII would be a great fit in Washington under Shanahan’s coaching.

Asked about McNabb’s remarks, Shanahan said: “I’d like to let the statistics speak for themselves. I think I can take the high road.”

Then he added:

Let’s start by asking what the gauge of a successful relationship with a quarterback should be. “You can go by so many different stats,” Shanahan said. “The perception, the most basic one people look at is, ‘Did you win a Super Bowl at the end of the day?’ ”

Dan Steinberg noted Shanahan’s remarks as well, over on the D.C. Sports Bog.