The last time the Redskins faced the Cowboys, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo had trouble handling several snaps, and after the game Cowboys players accused Washington defenders of simulating their snap count to throw them off.

A minor war of words ensued, but Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen said there are no lingering bad feelings as the two teams prepare for Sunday’s rematch at FedEx Field.

“It’s over with,” Bowen said Wednesday in the Redskins locker room. “I don’t really know what that was about, honestly.”

Because Bowen is a former Cowboy, he was pointed out as a chief culprit in allegedly simulating Romo’s count. He vigorously denied it at the time and said he later had a conversation with Dallas center Phil Costa.

“I respect him for calling me and reaching out to me,” Bowen said. “We squashed it. There’s no hard feelings.”

Bowen was asked about the mini-controversy Wednesday in a conference call with Dallas media, and he once again denyied any wrongdoing by any Washington defenders.

“Everybody knows I’m not that type of guy,” Bowen told Dallas reporters. “I’m a high-character dude. All I do is just line up and play ball. Everybody knows what I’m about in Dallas and here. I’ve never been that type of guy to try to find a sneaky way. That’s just not my game.”