What challenges await the Washington Redskins’ coaching staff when the NFL’s labor dispute is finally resolved?

Although the Redskins players have been working out during the offseason, both on their own and during three informal minicamps, it seems likley that training camp will have to operate at a slower pace than usual.

In a typical year, the team’s training staff would’ve gotten hold of players in March for an offseason strength and conditioning program. Then players would have had roughly a dozen on-field practice sessions during organized team activities and minicamps.

Redskins players estimate that during their own player-led workouts they covered 60 to 70 percent of the material coaches would’ve gone over. (The sessions were in April, May and June; players say no workouts are scheduled for this month yet.) But coach Mike Shanahan & Co. likely will start over with Day 1 installation of their system, though the group workout groundwork could provide a slight head start.

The Redskins – like every team – will be rushing to make up time, however. Normally, by the time they report to training camp, they have gone over most, if not all, of the system during offseason practices. And, the players – at least most of them – would have reported in shape.

It’s hard to say how well conditioned the team will be with everyone training independently. Last season, Albert Haynesworth was required to pass a now-infamous conditioning test before he was allowed to take part in training camp action. Will we see a bunch of 300-yard shuttle tests during the first couple days of training camp before the Redskins get to work in earnest?