Tight end Fred Davis and left tackle Trent Williams apologized to their teammates at the Redskins team meeting Wednesday morning, players say

“It was extremely genuine,” quarterback Rex Grossman said. “You can tell they’re both not exactly in the best mood right now. As a team, it was nice to hear.”

Davis and Williams were formally suspended by the NFL Tuesday for the final four games of the regular season after each failed multiple tests for recreational drug use. Under terms of their suspension, both players will be allowed access to team facilities and can therefore work out, receive treatment and attend meetings at the team’s discretion, according to an NFL spokesman.

“I know they feel bad about it,” Grossman said. “They talked to us today in a team meeting, just letting us know they’re remorseful and that they’re apologetic about it. They feel bad enough. It’s a tough situation for them. They know they made a mistake and they have to pay some pretty harsh consequences for it. As a teammate, you wish they were out there with you. But you know they’re also going through a tough time right now -- self-imposed tough time, but at the same time, you feel for them a little bit. I think they’re definitely going to be better pros because of it.”

For the most part, Redskins veterans tried to approach the situation with some understanding.

“They didn’t need to do that in front of the team,” fullback-tight end Mike Sellers said.

“I didn’t need an apology,” said receiver Santana Moss, an offensive captain. “I feel like what they done to themselves, they [needed to] apologize to themselves before they apologize to me.”

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall called the suspensions “a tough pill to swallow,” but took some solace in the words from Davis and Williams.

“Just to hear from those guys [and have them] address the team obviously is a good sign,” Hall said. “They want to be here. They want us to kind of understand, but at the same time, it’s difficult. It’s difficult not having those guys out there for the wrong reason. It’s not like something happened … with an injury or something, something that you couldn’t control. This was something that they could control. Like I said, it’s tough.”

Losing Williams and Davis leaves the Redskins with big holes on offense. Davis was the team’s leading pass catcher and Williams was charged with protecting the quarterback’s blind side. Coach Mike Shanahan said Williams had his best game in last Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets.

“They’re extremely talented players. It’s definitely gonna hurt,” Grossman said, “but at the same time, we’re hoping that somebody surprises us. Whoever’s playing left tackle, hopefully he steps up and plays his best game and finishes out the season extremely well. That’s our challenge. At tight end, hopefully we can find that production collectively as a group.... Losing two guys who have rare ability, it’s just another thing you have to figure out a way to fill that void.”

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