With the NFL lockout showing no signs of ending any time soon, the 2011 fantasy football season appears toe more in jeopardy each day. The Washington Post recently asked readers how their fantasy seasons could be affected by the lockout. Here are some of their responses.

Do you think the NFL lockout will affect your fantasy football league(s) this year? If so, how?

“Yes. It’s reducing interest in football, which naturally reduces the normally rabid league interest in fantasy football. Aside from any missed games and diminished interest, the lockout will ostensibly kill the preseason evaluation period. Most people in my league watch the preseason games to scout for draft steals, and I think the lack of a preseason will lower the overall quality of teams in our league.” -- a 5-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Washington, DC

“...Already has affected it...we usually get together to watch the draft...also, our league is a keeper league, which means roster management with trades can be a 12 month deal...no one is of the mind to talk trade...it’s a downer...” -- an 18-year fantasy veteran and Steelers fan in Parkland, FL

“Every year I go to Waco, Tx for my fantasy football draft. Leading up to draft weekend, most of the participants have studied training camps, made offseason grades, and compiled their draft strategies (a couple even make notebooks). I travel the furthest for this annual ritual. This year we haven’t made our reservations (we typically rent a cabin, lake house, or stay out at someone’s ranch for the weekend), we don’t know what dates to begin blocking off the calendar, and we are forced to discuss basketball to fill the time.” -- a 10-year fantasy veteran and Cowboys fan in Washington, DC

“We already decided to cancel the fantasy league and start a pool league on Monday nights. Both sides are greedy, bloodsucking, overpaid, egomaniacs that are destroying minimum wage jobs while they (complain) that they can’t live on only 20 million a year. What a bunch of sniveling little babies that don’t deserve any attention or respect.” -- a 25-year fantasy veteran and Bears fan in Waikoloa, HI

“Most definitely it will. This is one of the aspects of NFL football that brings even casual fans closer to the game. I know some women, who can’t even tell you the rules of football, but play fantasy because they enjoy it. It’s kind of like filling out NCAA brackets, everyone does it. The NFL even markets fantasy, and I’m assuming spends millions on it. For instance everyone knows the classic T.J. “Who’s Your Mama” commercial. This is just one more aspect of the “golden goose” that this lockout will kill.” -- a 5-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Durham, NC

“Only if there is no season. Otherwise, it may just delay the scouting, planning, drafting. Other than that I don’t imagine there will not be much difference.” -- a 4-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Philadelphia

Has your league made contingency plans if the lockout stretches into August?

“Yes, we have a keeper league with non-standard rules that have necessitated that we already start planning for possible adjustments to our rules depending on whether or not there is a season and how long it is. We have already pretty much decided we must have a draft this August even if the labor dispute is unresolved at that time.” -- an 11-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Alexandria, VA

“No. But Roger Goodell and the Owners can count on us being really mad at them for killing off a really good thing.” -- a 7-year fantasy veteran and Ravens fan in Brigantine, NJ

“We are going to try to find a fantasy UFL or college football league and if we do that there will be an asterisk on the trophy.” -- an 8-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan from Fisherville, VA

“No we are just [waiting] it out and see what happens. I mean its not like we will play college fantasy football or CFL fantasy football. There is no contingency plan. You either have fantasy football or you don’t. Whenever the NFL is back, we will be ready.” -- a 10-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Arlington, VA

“Since our league is a fairly turnkey operation, we are flexible as to when we start. The only thing that will change will be the entry fee; Likely lowered based on number of weeks missed. So ultimately, the end-of-season prize pool may not be as large. That would be a disappointment.” -- a 12-year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Silver Spring, MD

“Nope. We’re counting on the NFL getting it done. To quote Harold Camping, “There is no Plan B.”” -- a 10+ year fantasy veteran and Redskins fan in Baltimore

Is the lockout affecting your fantasy football plans? If so, please take a moment to fill out the following survey, and thanks in advance for your participation.