The fact that Coach Bill Belichick was willing to take the hard-headed defensive lineman off of Washington’s hands shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. For one, a fifth-round pick two years from now is such a low price to pay, especially for the Patriots, who stockpile draft picks like nobody’s business.

And New England has a history of taking on other teams’ problem children and getting them to shape up and produce (see Corey Dillon and Randy Moss).

And yes, New England runs the 3-4 defense, but they have a beast nose tackle in Vince Wilfork. Look for Belichick and his coaches to use Haynesworth in a variety of creative ways.

But another big reason why the Patriots were willing to take on Haynesworth probably has something to do with the fact that senior football advisor Floyd Reese is the man who drafted Haynesworth in Tennessee back in 2002.

So although it’s another 3-4 defense, it’s likely that Haynesworth sees positives in his new destination. Now, if he can just pass the conditioning test...