The Washington Redskins have a new center this season in Will Montgomery, who moved from guard to anchor the line in 2011, and while the former Virginia Tech standout can make all the protection calls, he has some adjusting to do when it comes to shotgun snaps.

Off and on throughout the preseason, and again during last week’s season opener, quarterback Rex Grossman had to adjust to a couple of close-call low and high snaps while lining up in shotgun formation. Several times Grossman had to jump to his right a bit to catch the snaps.

The quarterback has been able to avoid disaster so far, but Coach Mike Shanahan said Montgomery is working to improve in that area.

“You’re always trying to work on those snaps. I think Will has done a pretty good job without really playing that position last year and coming in and putting a lot of pressure on him,” the coach said. “There were a couple of snaps in there that were a little low or a little high. Rex [Grossman] did a pretty good job of handling them, but hopefully it gets a little better. He’s pretty consistent in practice.”

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan believes that Mongtomery will improve as the season progresses and said the snaps aren’t bad enough to raise serious concern.

“I want him to be perfect, but I’m not freaking out about it,” Shanahan said.