Josh Morgan in action for the San Francisco 49ers last October. (Ezra Shaw/GETTY IMAGES)

In 2011, when Morgan was a fourth-year wideout for the San Francisco 49ers, his team again traveled to play a game at FedEx Field. That time, Morgan had a broken leg and did not even make the trip.

But in the months since then, Morgan, who grew up in the District, signed a free agent deal with the Washington Redskins. On Saturday, he will make his playing debut at FedEx Field when the Redskins host Indianapolis in their third preseason game.

Morgan said Thursday, that the thought had occurred to him that he finally would be putting on a Redskins uniform and competing in front of everyone he grew up with.

“Man, just a lot of excitement, a lot of anticipation,” Morgan said, describing his emotions. “The adrenaline is already rushing, getting ready for the game. I guess it’s finally hit me that I play for my hometown team. There’s a lot of pride that goes into that.”

Morgan said he grew up four blocks from RFK Stadium, which the Redskins called home before FedEx Field was built in 1997. He went to a few Redskins games at RFK Stadium, but never has seen them play live at FedEx Field.

As a D.C. native, Morgan was not surprised when he received more than 200 ticket requests for Saturday’s game. But Morgan set a condition that many of those people could not meet: If they hadn’t come to see him play in San Francisco, they weren’t getting a free ticket to see him play his first home game in Washington.

Morgan said he has enough tickets for select family and friends, and it’s safe to say there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding his debut Saturday.

“They’re too excited,” Morgan said of those close to him. “They’ve just been crying and thanking God. They can’t believe that I’m finally home.”