The Post will launch a contest over the weekend: D.C.’s Greatest Sports Fan. In it, Washington area fans will participate in a multi-stage competition to win this honor — and a nice prize.

To get things started, we asked you last week to help us define the characteristics that would make someone a great D.C. sports fan. Below we’ve posted some of the best and/or most entertaining answers; check back here over the weekend for an entry form, complete rules and more.

TracyT37 took a crack at a complete set of qualifications:

Main criteria for me: must love DC first, and then the sports teams. It can be someone outside of DC who had to move, but appreciates the town and the teams. [Note: For legal reasons, we have to limit eligibility to people who live in the DMV]

Other criteria to consider: knowledge of each sport and the history of the teams in DC; talks about it through blogs and social media; attend the main events, some memorabilia.

Poguesmahone and JasonPKing were on the same wavelength:

Poguesmahone: Not only BEING a fan, but DISPLAYING pride in the teams through wearing gear, bumper stickers, etc.

JasonPKing: Wearing your colors the day after a loss.

Fischy, meantime, emphasized loyalty (with an exception):

He has to be someone like me -- who has overcome growing up elsewhere to root for local teams, even against his old favorites. Except, of course, rooting for the Redskins, which is an impossibility.

And soccerman said the first qualification was game attendance:

If they haven’t attended at least one home game for each of the teams listed in the current or most recent season (use 2010-11 for the Wizards) then they are automatically disqualified.

Two commenters had a short conversation that highlighted a core element of the Washington fan base:


I’m going with that K Street lobbyist with the season tickets.


You mean the one who doesn’t go to any games, but gives them all to loyal politicos, et al...? Yeah, that guy...the greatest DC sports fan EV-ER!

Perhaps Iubiquity summed it up best.

I think a DC sports fan should be a native of the DC area or former resident, be supportive of the teams, coaches, management and other fans. Be amenable towards those that make mistakes so long as they’re repentant and learn from it.

Eat, sleep, think, dream, team.

Loyalty to your team always, not players on opposing teams because of a fantasy league. That’s my take. No fair weather fans who support when team is winning.

A true fan will chose his team first, before the wife, family or God. If it’s your wife or the score, show her the door. Your girl or the game, then you’re not to blame.