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Unlike early in the season when the Redskins were losing close games, they again got blown out, and shut out. This is getting worse. Here are five reasons why.

Sunday's game against the Bucs played out worse than most would have imagined: A 20-point home loss, coming off a bye, to 1-8 team. Mike Jones assesses the damage.

instead of using the momentum from their last two victories and building on it, this team had another letdown. Mike Jones shares five observations from the loss to the Vikings.

Another look at an embarrassing performance on national television.

The Redskins wasted any momentum gained from their overtime win over the Chargers.

Monday night's game was a much more lopsided affair than numbers indicate.

The Washington Redskins this morning will clean out their locker rooms and scatter to their offseason homes while their coaches and the team’s front office officials assess their season and turn their attention to improving this team.

You're not dreaming. The Redskins are in the playoffs.

The Washington Redskins pulled off yet another victory, extended their streak to six games – the first such regular season run since 1996 – and next Sunday night play the Dallas Cowboys in what could be an all-or-nothing game.

The Washington Redskins have won five straight and control their future in the NFC East.

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