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The Redskins’ offseason continues to roll along. We’re still roughly two months away from training camp, but there’s plenty of action going on with today’s start of the offseason practices.

Lower and lower this team sinks, and frustrations mount. Mike Jones answers readers questions about the coach's demeanor when discussing quarterbacks, his future here and the defensive coordinator.

Jay Gruden was losing games and the locker room, so he benched the quarterback, marking a swift fall for the 2012 rookie of the year.

The rest of the Redskins's season seems to be about Robert Griffin III. Mike Jones answers a rack of reader questions about his future, what's gone wrong and more.

It’s game day, and that means another chance for the Redskins to display the progress they've made in the past week as they host the Browns at 8 p.m.

The Browns offensive coordinator devised a league-leading passing offense in Houston, and a league-leading rushing offense in Washington.

Current Redskins still respect their former coach and third-string quarterback.

One of the biggest changes in the operation of the offense under Jay Gruden involves the coach giving his quarterbacks the green light to make changes at the line depending on the look he receives from the defense.

The Washington Redskins' preseason game Monday night against the Cleveland Browns will generate quite a bit of buzz because the matchup will feature young quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel - two of the most electrifying players that college football has seen in recent years.

Cleveland has been linked to the Redskins backup quarterback but deal said to remain a long shot.

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