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Mike Jones answers reader questions on two-tight end sets, the quality of Washington's draft class, Barry Cofield's performance, the name-change debate and more.

Mike Jones answers questions about the futures of Chris Cooley and Sam Huff, who is being groomed behind London Fletcher, Daniel Snyder's stance on the name change, rookie salaries and more ...

Mike Jones asks if there are any questions about the Washington Redskins that need answering.

Mike Jones answers readers' questions, starting with an assessment of which recently drafted rookies could push Redskins vets out of jobs.

The Washington Redskins had what Mike Shanahan believes will shake out to be a successful draft, adding three potential play-makers to the secondary, a pair of possible third-down backs, an athletic tight end and pass-rusher.

With Draft Weekend approaching, many of the topics on your minds are along those lines - the team's needs, the decision-making process, and how selections could impact the roster.

We’re back at it for another week of the Monday Mailbag.