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After a surprising exit from Pittsburgh, the 77-year old coach could be available as a coordinator, assistant or consultant.

It's easy to tune out during a 3-13 season. If you paid attention, this quiz will prove you're a Washington football die-hard.

Who do you think should make the Redskins roster along the defensive line?

You tell us who should make the final 53-man roster.

With the lack of football action this time of year, wouldn't you want to see some less-heralded players in action?

Here are a few videos, including one with rookie tackle Morgan Moses claiming he can sing, to start your week at The Insider.

For a team coming off 3-13, the Redskins sure are a hot pick to do a lot better.

With rookie camp in the past and a 90-man roster seemingly set, we ask just how many Redskins roster spots are up for grabs anyway?

Now that the draft is history, it's time for some way-too-early NFC East predictions.

Looking back on Washington's eight picks, which one excites you most?

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