View Photo Gallery: In Brentwood, the 39th Street Gallery showcases the work of Delusions of Grandeur, a collective of five emerging African American American artists.

Whatever you think about the work of the five artists currently being showcased at the 39th Street Gallery, one thing is certain: They’ve got a healthy sense of humor. A collective of emerging African American artists known as Delusions of Grandeur, the group consists of Wesley Clark, Shaunte Gates, Jamea Richmond -Edwards, Amber Robles-Gordon and Stanley Squirewell. Located in a 450-square-foot micro-gallery in Brentwood, their show is anything but grand.

Yet despite the self-deprecating humor of the group’s name, “No Strings Attached,” it addresses some serious issues about race and visibility, albeit subtly.

Read my review, and check out a selection of images from the show in the gallery at the top of this post. Then swing by on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m., for a gallery talk.