Soviet-themed kitsch is the decorating scheme at MiG Bar in Adams Morgan, from hammers and sickles to “Rocky IV” quotes. (Fritz Hahn/The Post)

The cool little dive bar isn’t hurting for customers, Hillard says. The reason is their landlord, the owner of the Rendezvous Lounge on the ground floor of the building. “We don’t really get along with them,” Hillard explains. “There’s no animosity. It’s was just difficult to do business and we can’t sustain it, so we’re going to get our own license.” He also says finances aren’t an issue.

Hillard and McCall say they wanted to use the rented space as “a testing ground” to see if their business model -- a low-key neighborhood spot with good music, cheap beer and personable bartenders -- would work. They began scouting for new locations for MiG Bar a few months ago.

“We’re looking in the Columbia Heights/Petworth area,” Hillard says. “I live over there. A lot of our friends live over there, and a lot of our customers have been coming down from there. But there are some places around here [in Adams Morgan] that we’re keeping an eye on.”

The timeline for a new MiG Bar “depends on the building, but we’d like to get up and running as soon as possible while still being thorough about the place. We’ll try to recreate [the Soviet-themed decor] but the new MiG Bar won’t be a carbon copy.”

Through April 30, the plan remains the same, with DJs on Friday and Saturday nights and happy hours starring $3 cans of PBR and Natty Boh.

Hillard sounds both nostalgic and excited about moving on. “I’ll miss this little place, but we will reopen.”