Yeah, yeah, Gangnam Style may be soooo last month, but here’s one more parody that is extending the mega-popular song’s 15 minutes: A D.C. Gangnam Style that sees We Love D.C. blogger Patrick Pho (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Psy) invisible horse-galloping his way through D.C. entertainment destinations including the Newseum, Arena Stage, and Georgetown Cupcake.

I wrote about Gangnam Style in August (“Prepare for the inevitable horse dance takeover”) and then again in September, when I felt it had run its course. There were too many parodies, each less funny than the last. “Beating a dead (invisible) horse,” was the headline of that blog post, and now I contradict myself: Yes, I like this better-late-than-never parody. It won me over once Pho screamed at the half-smokes through the window of Ben’s Chili Bowl, a take on one of the best moments of Psy’s original video. Pho’s isn’t even the first D.C. parody — The George Washington University did one last month, unfortunately too early to do that same screaming scene near the Georgetown headquarters of U.S. News and World Report as revenge for their unranking. A wasted opportunity. Either way, D.C. and Gangnam Style: a combination almost as good as Gangnam Style and Hammer Time.