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See two treasures from Abraham Lincoln’s life and the Civil War.

  • Marina Cracchiolo
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  • Exhibits
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  • Mar 5, 2014
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Before Tuesday's 50th anniversary concert, see 19 images by photographer Mike Mitchell.

The Freer and Sackler mark the opening of 'Yoga' with (admittedly early) Diwali festivities.

The District-born photography festival is partnering with National Geographic, and making some exhibits free again.

How the $12.5 million exhibit came together.

Cursive may be fading in importance, but a new Archives of American Art exhibition gives you reason to mourn its loss.

The museum's free cocktail party Friday will offer an early peek at "Peter Coffin: Here & There."

Wigs from films like "Marie Antoinette" and "Casanova" are on display in an exhibition of Italian craftsmanship.

Walter McConnell makes pottery that does a lot more than hold water.