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A little gimmicky perhaps, but we were pleasantly surprised by our lunch from the new Franklin Square spot.

A new shop in the Delaware beach town specializes in an Austrian treat we could eat morning, noon and night.

Though it sounds like a literal hot mess, gelato caldo is perfect for D.C. summers.

Uprising Muffin's Upwich features vanilla ice cream in between chocolate chip muffin tops.

The boneless, crispy and sweet dish is on the menu at Maketto.

The seasonal flavor is a play on a familiar Passover treat.

This starter at the ramen restaurant's pop-up is not to be skipped.

You may never have tasted an English muffin as good as this before.

Whether you're in love with amari or intimidated by bitter cocktails, the new menu at Copycat is worth exploring.

Think breaded chicken drenched in hot sauce and buttermilk dressing, but also cabbage and cucumber.

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