View Photo Gallery: Like our waistlines, the number of eating challenges and gargantuan menu items on D.C.-area menus is growing, from extreme hot wings and four-pound burritos to six-pound milkshakes and 28-inch pizzas. For restaurant details — including directions, hours and more — visit the Going Out Guide.

Before you even think about it, the answer is no. As in, “No. You cannot possibly succeed in finishing a nine-pound hamburger, six-pound Po’Boy or 28-inch pizza by yourself in one sitting.” But you certainly can look at them: We’ve put together a gallery of the D.C. area’s most daunting food challenges.

Some of these items are manageable solo, as long as you have a tolerance for spicy foods. Others require teamwork, because while conquering some of them solo means bragging rights and prizes — anywhere from free food to $250 in cash — it also means certain gastrointestinal unrest — although you can buy plenty of Maalox with that kind of money. Have a look, and let’s hope that your eyes aren’t, in fact, bigger than your stomach.