With a face like that, who wouldn’t want to be able to say hello to an emperor penguin? (SOURCE: The Associated Press )

We also often host contests just for our subscribers and this week we gave away two sets of four tickets to see “Dr. Dolittle” at Imagination Stage. Subscribers were asked to tell us which animal they would like to have the ability to talk to.

We received more than 40 entries: Most included pets, birds and a surprising number of zebras and giraffes. There was even one person who wanted to speak with a unicorn! (Us too!) Some of the emails we received were so heartwarming that we wanted to share them with our blog readers:

Winner 1: “ An Emperor Penguin of course. If I could I would ask them what it is like standing in that huddle all winter long in the long cold Antarctic night ... I wonder if they worry about the egg sitting on their foot staying warm, I wonder if they make friends with other individual penguins or if they are friends equally with all of their big huddle gang. I wonder if they feel love when they see their mate return in the early Spring to take over.”

Winner 2: “The animal I wish I could talk to would be my own beagle dog because I'm an only child and I have always hoped to get a beagle one day. Talking to my beagle would be awesome because he would be like a brother to me... The first thing I would do is to take him to St. Jude's Hospital to give joy and happiness to the children who are suffering with cancer. That would definitely be the greatest reward if I had a beagle I could talk to!!!!”

“This might be obvious, but I’d like to talk to my dog, Bella.... I’d like to hear from her how she felt about her life. Struggling with cancer, seeing our family dynamic change (we have a 4.5 year old who she loves…we think), introducing two cats (Friends? Enemies?) and the whole theory of crating!”

“I would love to talk to a giraffe! I think it would so cool to be that tall and see everything!”

“I wish I could talk to a praying mantis. They always sit so still and I always wonder are they really praying? If not, what are they thinking about? They look so peaceful and [I] would [like] some tips to make my day more peaceful. Until then I will just admire the interesting insects and give them their peace and space!”

“We’d talk to fluffy white kitty cats!”

“I wish I could talk to birds because they have such a unique view of the world and are not limited to any continent, any region or any land mass surface.”

“I so wish I could talk with my cat, Cricket.  She has been with us for 18 years. She has moved with us to 3 houses, endured the homecoming of 3 infants and the death of her littermate. She looks at us with wise, knowing eyes, content with a ear scratch and a sunspot.  I wonder what she remembers, what she likes, dislikes, prefers. Her kidneys are currently failing and she is needing our care more. It would be wonderful to communicate with her to make sure we are meeting her needs, easing any pain and keeping her comfortable. She has given us years of comfort, laughter and snuggles, it would be nice to know we are returning the favor and be able to say ‘thank you, we love you’.”

“A wombat because it is my Grandmother's favorite animal and I have a book about wombats.”

“[My daughter] would want to talk with a horse to make sure that riding is as much fun for the horse as well, because she wants to be friends with the horse and not a burden to it.”

“I want to talk to a chicken and ask who was the first – the egg or the chick ?”

“My daughter wants to talk to a zebra so she could learn all about Africa. Her most burning ambition at age 5.”