Andy Holtin’s “Glance” features a pair of side-by-side video displays, attached to the wall via motorized mounts. One features the face of performer Ellen Chenoweth; the other, the artist himself. As one casts a furtive glance to the side, the screen pivots slightly, then turns away. (Michael O'Sullivan)

Read my review of Holtin’s “A Theatre of Objects,” and check out a gallery of images from the show, after the jump.

The his-and-hers videos in “Glance” are independently looped, with one video running slightly longer than the other. In other words, they’re eternally out of sync, much like some couples. (Michael O'Sullivan)

Holtin’s “Passage” features nine LCD panels (two of which are pictured here). Arranged in a rough circle, they show dance-like interactions between a pair of male and female performers who appear and disappear in random fashion. (Flashpoint Gallery)

Performer Benjamin Wegman (far right) stands stock-still in “Passages” as Kelly Bond walks out of the frame. Images of Bond appear simultaneously on the screens to the left. (Michael O'Sullivan)

Two tripod-mounted video projectors swivel from side to side, like searchlights, in Holtin’s “You Made This Happen.” (Flashpoint Gallery)

Performer Enrico Wey is featured in the video on the left and the one on the right. As the screens converge in the center, Wey appears to interact with his doppelganger. (Michael O'Sullivvan)