View Photo Gallery: Magnolia Laurie’s quasi-abstract paintings inhabit a precarious state between collapse and construction at VisArts at Rockville.

Artist Magnolia Laurie is fascinated by decay, as well as its opposite. At VisArts, her exhibition of paintings and sculptural installation, “With a Tug and a Hold,” includes several quasi-abstract scenes of a mysterious, post-apocalyptic world. Without exception, they’re unpopulated. But evidence of people is everywhere, in the strange structures that she depicts.

Some resemble survivalist shacks. Others, the remnants of buildings after a destructive tornado or fire. But amid the ruin are signs of hope. Stop by Jan. 6 from 1 to 2 p.m., when the artist will give a gallery talk about her work

Read my review, and check out a gallery of images from the show in the gallery at the top of this post.