Families participate in Sunday Funday at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. (Courtesy of the Annapolis Maritime Museuyeum)


Local music

Andy Charneco and Deanna Pineda of instrumental group Cigarbox Planetarium headline at Fort Reno, along with Alma Tropicalia and Nox.


Celebrate diversity

To acknowledge the town’s growing diversity, the Greenbelt Museum hosts a panel of residents from around the world who will discuss their stories. A few international dishes and light refreshments will be served.


Science in cinema

Continuing its series showcasing the sciences in movies, the National Institutes of Health screens the Academy Award-nominated Norwegian film “Elling,” about two men who meet in a mental hospital and set out to live on their own upon their release.


Fireside stories

Local historians discuss the life of Confederate Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith, who fought at First Manassas and oversaw the Confederate war effort west of the Mississippi but is largely forgotten today.


‘Even the Rain’

Watch this 2010 movie about a local film crew that heads to Bolivia to make a revisionist movie about Christopher Columbus and encounters difficulties when the local Aymara people rise up against plans to privatize the water supply.


Asian festival

Head to George Mason University’s main campus for two days of cultural showcases, carnival rides and games, multicultural vendors, and more. This year’s theme is the Year of the Dragon.


Sunday Funday

The Annapolis Maritime Museum’s new “Young Families” group hosts a day of family-friendly activities, including using a seine net to catch bay critters and building tin-foil boats.