Ardeo-Bardeo Restaurant in Cleveland Park missed the Dining Guide because of “overcooked pasta with gritty clams and a flat-tasting lamb sausage pizza.” (By Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)

Q: Hi Tom, as you ate your way around town (you lucky thing!) for the Dining Guide, what were the one or two places you used to love that disappointed you most, whose cooking and/or service had fallen the most? Thanks, A big fan
Tom Sietsema: Early on in my reporting/eating for the fall guide this year, some previous favorites were so disappointing, I  worried I wouldn't come up with 40 places to feature.
Among the notable letdowns were Haven Pizzeria, which I initially adored, especially for its clam pie; Ardeo + Bardeo, where I had overcooked pasta with gritty clams and a flat-tasting lamb sausage pizza; La Chaumiere, which tasted every bit its age and served overcooked lamb, ancient vegetables and a souffle that tasted of scrambled eggs; and BlackSalt — a serious, salty, $400 disappointment for four. 

There were plenty of other clunkers, but those come to mind at the moment.

Ouch! Check out the rest of the chat for more rants and raves.

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