Trust R.J. Cooper on this one, when you're used to great meals, you do not want to dine at a hospital. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Tom, RJ here.Hope you’re well. I have been at Hopkins now for seven days and way ready to head home. The doctors and caregivers here are world-class. They pulled me though the hardest parts of my surgery and motivated me to move when I was tired. However, like our school systems, the food that is being served is unpalatable. Through the dawn of time, food is supposed to comfort and bring joy, [nurture] the ailing, bring energy within the body and soul. Well, this has been forgotten and needs to be looked at. As a patient, if I could even drink real broths and real fruit my stay here would have been much better. Home soon. Take care. RJ

Elsewhere in the chat, Tom tackled the wait times at Little Serow, the debut date of the new Rasika and provided a restaurant bucket list for a couple on the verge of leaving the area.

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