(Illustration by Edwin Fotheringham)

Kris Diemar, Carmine’s new general manager, says the parking lot was initially recommended online because one of its elevators opens into the Penn Quarter restaurant. Less than an hour after Diemar and I spoke, the wording on the restaurant’s site was changed to reflect that detail, as well as Carmine’s more consumer-friendly option — information the site previously lacked.

Although parking lot prices are “out of our control,” says Diemar, who had been unaware of the high cost, “we want to make sure guests have a good experience within our walls.” Though she’d been hoping only to steer future pasta lovers from a similar surprise, Tapley says, she ended up with a $25 gift certificate from Carmine’s.

Originally ran with Tom Sietsema’s Sunday, April 17, dining column on Sabai Sabai Simply Thai.