Post food critic Tom Sietsema’s weekly chat is always a must for restaurant recommendations, dining etiquette and news on the latest comings and goings in D.C. area kitchens. This week, it’s a reader who chimes in with one of the session’s most intriguing suggestions. From this morning’s Q&A:


Have you ever been to this hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant in Annandale? I went for the first time and as a Korean, I was blown away. The decor is nothing to write about, but the food is amazing. Better than grandma's homecooking. It's the most authentic Korean place I've been to, the flavors are bolder than other Korean restaurants and they give you enough banchan to make a meal in itself. I don't work at To Sok Jip, but I know you love Korean food and wanted you to be aware of this [g]em.


Ah, you are the second person to bring up the name this week. The first was my four-star dry-cleaner and Korean restaurant tipster, Jamie. Sounds promising!

So there you go food chowhounds. If you pride yourself on tracking down the authentic little holes in the wall before they get critical attention, you may want to head to To Sok Jip soon.

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