Bandelero, where our critic says the decor recalls “the Addams Family’s dining room.” (By Scott Suchman/For the Washington Post)

From Wednesday’s Q&A:

Q. Restaurant with nice padded seats: Hi Tom! I know your recommendations tend to be on the culinary and/or price side of things, but my partner is getting his first full wax job this Saturday, and we are looking for a place to celebrate afterwards! I know sometimes the high-end restaurants have wooden chairs and the like, but can you think of a nice fancy place that has plush padded seating? We have a car so Metro access isn't necessary or anything. Thanks!
A. Tom Sietsema: I'm going to go out on a limb and address your question, on the remote chance you are being straight up (as opposed to, you know, not straight up). Among your many options are a booth at Palena, Fiola, Masala Art, Bourbon Steak, Central Michel Richard ... that enough?

Right. Moving along, check out the transcript for news and notes about a planned Great American Restaurants expansion into Montgomery County, Frank Ruta’s roasted chicken, the best spots for an upscale lunch and dining tips in Amsterdam.

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