Chef Bart Vandaele will open B Too, like his Belga Cafe, but on overdrive. (Courtesy of Belga Cafe)

His new idea sounds like Belga Café on overdrive. The ground floor of the 150-seat restaurant, a former locksmith shop, will feature a waffle bar and breakfast by day and frites served through a window at night. To access the private dining room in the basement of B Too, diners will descend on a glass stairway that will make visible the contents of the wine and beer cellar. Open kitchens will distinguish both floors.

B Too will serve mussels, because you can’t open as a Belgian eatery without them, says Vandaele, 42. But the new menu will also “revisit classics” and show the full range of Belgian cooking. Expect waffles made savory with couscous and foie gras, for instance.

Belga’s veteran chef de cuisine Martino Castillo will continue in that role on the Hill. To assist him at B Too, Vandalae has his eyes on some chefs in Belgium.

Why B Too? Vandaele says “b” words – think Bart, Belga, Belgium, bistro, bacon – have been lucky for him. Alliteration must be his thing, too. The owner of B Too is aiming for a launch date of 12-12-12.