Bean & Bite, a coffee and lunch stop from the owner of Againn, opens on 15th Street NW Tuesday. (Alex Baldinger/TWP)

(Alex Baldinger/TWP/The pleasantly light chicken and corn sandwich.)

It appears we weren’t the only ones jonesing for a new dining option on the block: By 12:15 p.m., newcomers were already making their own espresso on a couple of sleek machines, ordering freshly-baked pastries, bagels, cookies and cupcakes from a mouth-watering sweets counter and selecting pre-made salads and sandwiches from a deli case.

PT’s coffee on display at Bean & Bite. (Alex Baldinger/TWP)

As for the comestibles, a cursory tasting included: A pleasantly light chicken salad and corn sandwich on squishy sourdough; tender roast beef slathered with jam on a baguette; a pretty decent bagel; and a really super-delicious bite of a fluffy carrot cake cupcake.

So, do you have plans to check out the new downtown spot this week? Let us know what you think in the comments.