The Pug, which is a hangout for a number of D.C. motorcycle and scooter riders, hosts a fundraiser for former Iron Cross bassist Dmiti Medvedev tonight. (Melina Mara/The Post)

Medvedev’s Triumph motorcycle is currently stored in an impound lot, and his friends and family are trying to bring the treasured bike home. To that end, they’ve organized a fundraiser at the Pug tonight.

Items from Medvedev’s personal record collection will be on sale, and local ska heroes the Pietasters will be selling copies of “Oolooloo,” the band’s second album, which was reissued on vinyl earlier this year. (This event serves as an unofficial listening party for that record.)

On top of all that, the Pug is tapping a keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale, and handing out shots of whiskey for each record sold.

Everything gets underway at 9 p.m.

The Pietasters recently reissued their 1995 album “Oolooloo” on Vinyl, and will be selling copies of the record tonight at the Pug. (Circa-1997 Pietasters photo by Lisa Johnson)