Smoke and Barrel’s barbecue claimed 25 percent of the vote. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

Based on your votes in our latest (unscientific, it must be said) poll, Smoke and Barrel is the home of the D.C. area’s best barbecue. The Adams Morgan smokehouse, which took over Asylum’s first-floor bar in September, took home 25 percent of the 637 votes.

Rocklands was the runner-up, registering 16 percent of the responses, while Hill Country finished third with 14 percent.

Making a surprise appearance in the top five: Pork Barrel BBQ, which claimed more than 8 percent of the vote as a write-in option, despite having been in operation for little more than a week. How’s that for grassroots mobilization?

Among the barbecue purveyors receiving write-in votes: Acre 121, Willard’s, Standard (which is closed for the winter), Capital Q , Dixie Bones and the Rib Pit. About a dozen others (including “me”) each received a single write-in vote.