This is Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the stadium where your favorite team used to play before that team was the Washington Nationals. (Rob Carr/GETTY IMAGES)

Baltimore has many great bars for both pre- and post-game, and during yesterday’s Got Plans? chat, the topic of Charm City’s new and notable watering holes came up, from a chatter making the trip:


I’m heading up to Charm City on Saturday for the Nats game, but I’d like to spend a few hours in the afternoon visiting some of Baltimore’s finest watering holes. Fritz, I read your review of Of Love and Regret but was wondering if you knew of any other must-try places?


Baltimore’s finest watering holes, eh? There are a lot of places that I love in [Ch]arm City. On the good beer tip (since you’ve mentioned Of Love and Regret), Max’s in Fells is like Baltimore’s own little Brickskeller/ChurchKey, but way more laidback. Fantastic selection. The brewpubs to hit are the Brewer’s Art (home of Ozzy and Resurrection, two of the East Coast’s finest Belgian-style beers) and the Pratt Street Alehouse, home of the Oliver Breweries. (Oliver makes the British-style cask ales you see at Meridian Pint, ChurchKey, Pizzeria Paradiso, etc.)

For just low-key beer-and-a-shot bars, I like Mount Royal Tavern, Mum’s and ... this other corner bar I went to before Of Love and Regret the other week. Couple blocks north, up near Bank Street. Blanking. Sorry. [Ed. note: He meant The Laughing Pint — though it’s closed Sunday]