(Jura Koncius/The Washington Post)

C. Wonder’s McLean location is the retailer’s ninth. The cheery chain first opened in October 2011 in Soho and has expanded across the country. (We hear Georgetown is likely to be the second D.C. area store.) This brightly colored new destination beckons with $12 polka dot cereal bowls and houndstooth dessert plates (set of six $48); the average price tag is under $50.

(Alex Baldinger/The Washington Post)

While women’s fashion and home decor are the calling cards of C. Wonder, they have expanded into what you might call “prep tech,” accessories for electronics made of squishy silicone in Palm Beach shades of kelly green and fuchsia. There are $80 Bluetooth tablet keyboards and a cute $10 bullhorn speaker that amplifies the volume of your iPhone.

Daniela Maron, a C. Wonder spokesperson, says the votive holders, tweed totes, pencil skirts, lacquer boxes and cheese boards were originally targeted toward “busy moms in their mid 20s to late 30s without a lot of time to shop.” But early on, the stuff was showing up in the bags of 8-to-88-year-olds, both women and men.

Here’s something for the next hurricane/derecho/blizzard power outage: The iPower case ($58) with built-in rechargeable battery pack.When activated, the pack can power your iPhone for five additional hours.

A tip: use the code SALE25 at checkout from Nov. 9 to 12 and you’ll get 25 percent off your purchase of $100 or more.