East Potomac Golf Course is a great value, with scenery that can’t be found elsewhere — at any price. (Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post)

With the U.S. Open taking place in San Francisco this weekend, golf is front-and-center, and likely to be even more so for locals when Tiger Woods’s AT&T National tournament returns to Bethesda’s Congressional Country Club later this month.

Beautiful events played on beautiful courses, both of them. Affordable for the average weekend duffer, though? Hardly. The good news is that you need not break your budget to play quality golf in the D.C. area. (As for breaking par, we can’t help you there.)

The Weekend section has a list of nine thoroughly challenging public courses where you can tee off for $50 or less, whether you’re a bomber who eats up par 5s, a short-game maestro who flaunts his or her flop shot, a newcomer to the game who is happy just to hit the ball on a tee shot (what, nobody else has that problem?) or at any stage in between.

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Best bargain golf courses in the D.C. area