Don’t Lauryn Hill’s nails look great ? (Nigel Waldron)

Sadly, there is no official recognition of this quadrennial occasion when it comes to the workplace, even though you might be tempted to make the argument that Feb. 29 doesn’t exist three times out of four, so why do you have to show up today?

That’s why it’s fitting that Lauryn Hill is scheduled to perform tonight at the Warner Theater, as Hill knows a thing or two about blowing off work: Her prior appearance in Washington is the stuff of legend now, after she was three hours late arriving on stage at the 2010 Rock the Bells Festival because, her manager said, she was getting a mani/pedi.

And that wasn’t even on Leap Day! Imagine the possibilities tonight. She’s scheduled to go on at 8 p.m.

Elsewhere on Leap Day:

Acre 121 hosts an event called the 2012 Leap Year Oyster Celebration. Chef Michael Soper prepares a five-course oyster-centric dinner at 7 p.m. The bivalves come raw, stuffed, baked, fried and broiled. The dessert course, though, is oyster-free. $45, reservations required.

• RFD hosts a strong ale tasting, with high-alcohol-by-volume brews from DuClaw, Growlers, Lost Rhino, DC Chophouse, Porty City Brewing Company and more.

• Buy-one-get-one bagels, free cookies and queso dip and 29 percent off hardware are some of the Leap Day deals at area retailers.

• Our Style colleague Dan Zak prepared a Leap Day voucher for all of you. Print it out, carry it with you and learn valuable life lessons.

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