A Bayou Bakery sno-ball. (By Justin Rude/The Washington Post)

The Southern Snow ice shaver at Bayou Bakery. (By Justin Rude/The Washington Post)

A 110-pound, Louisiana-built Southern Snow ice shaver turns 10-pound blocks of ice into snow. Guas and his team create their sno-balls by alternating layers of snow with pours of house-made syrups (rather than putting all the syrup on top or creating vertical channels in the snow with a straw). The chef credits this technique to his sno-ball mentor, Donna Black of New Orleans’s Plum Street Snoballs. But while Plum Street and other hometown sno-ball stands often have dozens of flavors, Bayou Bakery is starting with just five: cherry, cream soda, raspberry, strawberry and the chef’s favorite, wedding cake.

The brightly colored shaved-ice treats cost $3, are served in eight-ounce to-go boxes with a spoon and straw, and will be available through September.