(Chocolate City Beer)

However, another local brewery went even longer without power: the Chocolate City Beer’s Brookland brewery only got the electricity back this morning.

When the storm hit, “We had some [beer] kegged off and some finished product that was at 33, 34 degrees,” says Chocolate City co-founder Jay Irizarry, estimating that there were 35 to 40 barrels (between 1,085 and 1,240 gallons) of beer in the brewery at the time. “We’re lucky to have a nice old stone building so it didn’t get too warm, maybe up to room temperature.

“We have to give it 24 hours for everything to chill down again. We’ll know for sure tomorrow if we’re in the clear, but we hope so.”

This could potentially impact the brewery’s appearance at Thursday’s Phillips After 5 party at the Phillips Collection. Chocolate City had been scheduled to pour its 1814 ESB at the British-themed event, but Irizarry doesn’t know whether the 1814, which was sitting in kegs, will be fit to drink. “That will be a gametime decision,” he says.