View Photo Gallery: Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, Ke$ha, Flo Rida, Psy and other artists performed at this year’s event.

We predicted it would be one of the most cheer-inspiring events of the holiday season, and if you’re young enough (in body or in spirit) to sing along with the likes of Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Flo Rida, Ed Sheeran and Psy — and props if you can sing along with “Gangnam Style” — then the Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball delivered like Santa Claus.

Typified by sets as short as most attendees’ attention spans, performers took the stage for anywhere from a single song to about 35 minutes. “The acts either vanish before you have time to get sick of them, or they split leaving you wanting more,” the Post’s Chris Richards wrote.

Jingle Ball: Lots of bubble gum pop, kept short and sweet