The opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics is Friday in London. On the same day, we’ll light the cauldron for the 2012 No-Sweat Olympics: The cover story in this week’s Weekend section shows you how to compete for glory without having to train, diet or possess an athletic disposition.

Now is your chance to claim a spot on the (no-sweat) Olympic podium. So put down the energy drink, pick up a beer and use the poll below to vote for the event you’re most determined to medal in. Once we see the results, the Going Out Guide Olympic Committee will host an event at the appropriate venue, giving you a chance to take a bow before your adoring fans. The winners of the No-Sweat Olympics Main Event will be bathed in glory and have a glowing profile written about their non-athletic achievements written up on this blog. Details to come.

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UPDATE: See what’s in the rest of the Weekend section after the jump.

Our picks for the best events going on this weekend, including a Summer Celebration at the site of St. Elizabeths Hospital, a game of vintage baseball and the Capitol Groove Festival.

On his new album, Alejandro Escovedo wanted to write songs that could appeal equally to the depressed loner, the broken-hearted lover or a marginalized community. Read our profile. Also, we have record reviews of Swedish producer Eric Prydz, indie violinist Kishi Bashi, local alt-rock trio the Tender Thrill, electronic indie group A Lull and glam-pop band Saint Motel.

Rather than traveling the Potomac on a stuffy dinner cruise, take a trip on the Boomerang Party Yacht, where you’ll find Top 40 hits blaring and a contraption known as the “shot ski.”

Take a look at the city’s burgeoning juice bar scene for the perfect way to get your fix of raw kale in liquid form.

Bill T. Jones, modern dance’s resident provocateur, returns after a five-year absence from the stage to perform a show where he remains seated, as the dancing goes on around him.

For the exhibit “Inform/Re-form,” five women artists transform scraps of paper or re-purpose textiles to create contemporary pieces. It’s a welcome change to a gallery that’s often voted to traditionalist art.

Get the latest movie reviews, including the all-star ensemble comedy “The Watch” and the latest installment o f the “Step Up” franchise.

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