Kate Loper, 4, dressed like a witch for at a party last year in Arlington. (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

This is a fourth in a series of Halloween-related blog post. We’ve previously covered pumpkin patches, local ghost tours and pumpkin carving contests. Watch out for a post about spooky plays on Oct. 22.

Halloween night is magical for kids. Besides getting to run around their neighborhood after the streetlights come on, they get all the candy they can carry. But long after the sugar high wears off, kids and their parents will remember one thing about the night: the perfect costume.

Whether you opt to get creative at home or shell out money at the store, costumes are one of the most expensive parts of an already expensive holiday. So why not get the most out of your investment and let your kids get a dress rehearsal? We have pulled together a list of top events where kids can show off their costumes.


Boo at the Zoo


Glen Echo Fall Frolic

Halloween in the Garden

Croydon Creep


Vienna Halloween Parade

Air and Scare

Don’t worry if your kids haven’t found their costume yet. Check out the adorable results of the KidsPost homemade costume contest for inspiration. Plus you can view the entire list of Halloween things to do with kids here .

And if you are an adult and want to show off your costume, we have you covered, too. Fritz has pulled together a list of adult-only costume contests and parties.