Squeeeeee! Bella and Edward are finally tying the knot, and you know what that means... (Photo by Andrew Cooper)




Do you know what’s happening tonight? Of course you do. It’s the wedding of the millennium, no fascinator necessary. Bella and Edward are finally tying the knot, and you’re invited.

The first half of the final Twilight installment — “Breaking Dawn” — hits theaters tomorrow, and you can share in the blessed nuptials at certain theaters tonight at midnight. Here’s the scoop on showtimes.

And since every wedding needs a slideshow of the couple’s special moments, we’re taking a walk down memory lane with reviews from previous movies. Let’s have a look, shall we?

It all started way back in 2008, and it was your basic boy-meets-girl story: He rescues her from an oncoming van; she tags along as they scale tall trees; he shows her the way his skin sparkles in the sunlight. They might as well have met in a bar, right?

Critic review for “Twilight”

In every relationship there comes that familiar moment — the time when the guy starts to worry he might try to feast on his significant other’s blood, so he skips town, only to have a werewolf with abs of steel swoop in to move in on his girl. It’s a tale as old as time.

Critic review for “New Moon”

Sometimes terrifying mishaps can really bring a couple closer together, like when an evil ginger tries to sic an army of vampires on you. Luckily Bella and Edward are just the type of schmoopies who can turn distress into a bonding experience. Ah, young love.

Critic review for “Eclipse”

Now that you’re all caught up, have a look at the trailer, buy your tickets and head over to Celebritology where Jen Chaney and Sarah Anne Hughes have been working around the clock to feed your “Twilight” mania.

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