View Photo Gallery: The District’s once-small food truck community is now a veritable fleet of mobile kitchens. Here’s a look at some of the freshest and flashiest of Washington’s four-wheeled lunch vendors, where you can often grab lunch for $10 or less.

Spring is in the air, and a bunch of new food trucks are on the streets. None have gotten as much press as Jose Andres’s Pepe: the tireless entrepreneur and chef hit the streets with a selection of Spanish sandwiches.

Tapas on a baguette served curbside is a good sign that D.C.’s food truck scene has reached a new stage of maturity, with a level of depth absent in 2009 when the fleet began appearing with flashy paint jobs, niche fare like lobster rolls and campy costumes inspired by the Asian subcontinent.

Today, hungry Washingtonians can find everything from halal fried chicken and oyster po’ boy sandwiches to crab cakes and chili-topped macaroni and cheese, filling your lunch break with more choices than ever before.

Click on the gallery at the top of this post to see more than 30 of area’s food trucks in action.

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