A trio of pizzas at Del Ray Pizzeria & Sports Bar, which was part of out Best Pizza story. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

So we had our say, now you get yours. Below are some edited excerpts from the emails and comments we got. :

* Hey great article, but you missed one of the good ones: Moroni & Bros. on Georgia Avenue NW. Guy who owns it worked at Pizza Paradiso for years. — Andrew Mayer
* Vapiano and Piola serve up some great pizza. This is the opinion of someone who loves pizza and grew up in Brooklyn. Maybe you didn’t mention them because they are not locally owned. Nevertheless, their pizzas are delicious. — Susan Jung
* Give Il Canale a try (on lower 31st Street in Georgetown, just below Cannon's Seafood). We think it's outstanding and go there often. — Paul Dennett
* You need to include Rockville's Oro Pomodoro pizza in your list of best Neapolitan pies. The restaurant has the prestigious Verace Pizza Napoletana Association Certification from Naples, Italy, for its authentic food. — Paula Clancy
* OMG, not even a mention of The Don's Wood Fired Pizza in Sterling. This pizza is in a class by itself.  The Don's is the real deal NY style pizza. I'll assume you at least have been to New York's world famous Lombardi's. The Don's is right there in quality and taste. — Jack Melnikoff

* “I know you were focusing on local restaurants and local chains but the best wood fired pizza here or anywhere is at Bertucci's. I've read rave reviews of Matchbox and Comet Ping Pong and when I made the effort to go to those places sorely regretted not sticking with Bertucci's. Bertucci's sauce, cheese and crust are unmatchable!“ — Nancy Opiela

* Give these three a try; Mediterranean Breeze in Herndon. Gentleman Jim's in Gaithersburg, (pizza has a unique, as my wife says “acquired” taste.  I acquired it some 40 yearsago). Pasquale's in Damascus. — Lou Yost
* In our opinion — and we are New Yorkers originally — Pietanza in Arlington is one of the best pizza places around, at least in Virginia. It is consistently good and the crust is great. — Kathy Virag

We received support for others too — La Casa on Duke Street in Alexandria, the chain Mama Lucia , and Fairlington Pizza in Alexandria. Still don’t see your favorite on our list? Email us at goingoutguide@washingtonpost.com.