The Oval Room’s braised pork shoulder highlights the three-course Restaurant Week lunch menu. (Justin Rude/The Washington Post)

A sharp, refreshing ceviche of fluke, infused with coconut and filled out with creamy sweet potato, was followed by braised pork shoulder, playfully topped with a carrot pierogi, smoked tomato puree, mint and a tangy relish of pickled ramps. I could have eaten two. Of each.

There was a dessert too, which was also very good, although now I feel like I’m bragging: a yogurt panna cotta with granola and a peach compote. So long story short, a three-and-a-half star restaurant doesn’t stop being a three-and-a-half star restaurant just because it’s restaurant week.

And best yet, I just walked in a little after 1 p.m. and was back at my desk within the allotted lunch hour. If you work near Farragut Square, treat yourself. And if you don’t, follow my example and stick with the rules I laid out yesterday.