Allyson Behnke and Josef Palermo are the founders of #DCResidence @DCweek, two popup spaces that will host art exhibitions, fashion and discussions as part of the tech conference Digital Capital Week. (Ben Droz Photography)

It’s under that DCWeek umbrella that an artsy new event, #DCResidence @DCWeek, launches on H Street on Saturday: Taking place in the H Street NE neighborhood at two pop-up venues, the Home and the Parlour, #DCResidence — I know, it’s a mouthful — aims to show off what the city’s young artists, fashionistas and creators are cooking up now.

“We’re showing D.C. as a residence, by residents,”explains Josef Palermo, who runs the event with Allyson Behnke. “This is more than an art party. This is an engagement.”

The event, Behnke adds, is about “bringing attention to the fact that we’re a creative capital. It’s important to invest in us.”

The organizers certainly have a stake in it; both are 27, and both fit nicely into the exact demographic that’s rapidly changing Washington’s cultural scene.

The pair — Palermo is an assistant to Philippa Hughes, and Behnke is involved with real estate and urban planning — rounded up a crew of their closest friends, from the Capitol Hill gallery The Fridge to the fashion-minded duo Birds of a Pleather to the artist Decoy and a slew of area designers, to help fill the Home, which will be located on L Street NE, not far from Jimmy Valentine’s. Over at the Parlour, just above The Big Board, organizers will host classes, panel talks and more events, including the local music and local beer pairing Listen Local First.

“We have this whole scene,” says Emma Fisher, who is curating one of the spaces with an installation by Birds of a Pleather. For the organizers, the questions that inspired the show, she says, are: “How do we give this community a voice? How do we empower it?”

Check out the spaces beginning Saturday, when you can attend an opening party at The Home; the party kicks off at 6 p.m.