Chocolate truffles tempt visitors from the display shelves at Spagnvola Chocolatiers in Gaithersburg. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

If you want real chocolate in its simplest (and thus tastiest) form, head to Spagnvola Chocolatier in Gaithersburg. At the small boutique you can indulge in premium bonbons and truffles, tour the factory where the cacao beans are processed, learn about the chocolates’ origins and visit the kitchen where the delicacies are made fresh by hand.

Husband-and-wife team Eric and Crisoire Reid and two business partners opened the boutique in February with the desire, Eric says, to create and sell “the purest of the purest” chocolate. To accomplish this, the company manages the entire process from the farm to the store. They specialize in making 54 percent milk chocolate, 62 percent semisweet chocolate and 70 to 80 percent dark chocolate bars.

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Chocolatier Crisoire Reid pours freshly made chocolate. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)